CSI - YOU - Khoroni

Khoroni assisted with the start-up of business for Mulalo’s Design. This is a dress making business, and all alterations to staff uniforms will be done by this company, as well as the making of the laundry bags of which Khoroni supplies the fabric. A total of R15 000 worth of fabric has been supplied thus far, as well as the plan to purchase a new sewing machine and overlocker in the new financial year.

Khoroni also assisted with the start-up of business for YOU Curio Shop, situated at the premises. Khoroni provided a total of R105 000 in the form of rent free occupation of the shop for 2016. The YOU brand has brought a new element to Khoroni to position the resort as an exclusive location to buy their quality products.  Products range from golf-and-t-shirts, caps, pens and other merchandise.

The image includes:

Mulalo  Rambau – left in pink dress

Constance Musandiwa – right in floral dress

Gloria Gadisi – at the back

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