Khoroni Community Education Trust Cheque Handover

Friday, August 18, 2023

At a luncheon today, Khoroni Hotel Casino and Convention Centre handed a cheque over to the  Department of Education to the value of R432 500. Khoroni’s mandate is to plow back into the community, to empower them and to help them grow.  Khoroni Community Education Trust (KCET) gave the donation. The money will be used to assist the beneficiaries in their studies as teachers to educate 0-5 year old children. “The Department of Education is humbled by this donation and will take care of it and guide the students” said Mr Ramuedzisi

Left to right
Percy Ravhudzulo,Khoroni Board member, Martha Sidebi Khoroni Acting General Manager, Rathogwa Ramuedzisi Vhembe East District Chief Education Specialist Curriculum.

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